Vinyasa Flow Level 1
This class is designed for those whom are new to Yoga or those who are looking to deepen there understanding of the physical alignment of the postures. This is a Vinyasa class which links posture to posture by the breath to take you deeper into a place of mental alertness, concentration, and deep inner peace.

Hot Vinyasa Flow Yoga - Level 1-2
This is a heated class designed to focus on the development of fluidity and stamina through the Vinyasa sequence, which refers to breath-synchronized movement. Hot Vinyasa Flow is an energetic class and is a holistic way to strengthen, lengthen, detox and tone your body. This class flows, so be prepared to jump right in!

Gentle Restore and Flow
Calm your mind while invigorating your body, with this slow moving practice.  We will focus on breath and intentional movement that keeps you close to your mat and closer to your heart. We will work gently on tonifying, strengthening, and lengthening your muscles. This class also incorporates restorative postures that loosen and align the body gently.

Hot 26
Hot and slow 26 postures works through balancing, standing, and floor postures with a focus on alignment in 105 degrees.  This detoxifying and gentle paced heated postures class is perfect for all those looking to practice yoga in a heated setting without abandoning the breath. Hot 26 is ideal for beginners to hot yoga or anyone looking for a smooth and restorative heated class.. Please bring a water bottle and a towel.

Therapeutic Essentials of Yoga
This slow paced, gentle class is for anyone who wants to invite more peace and healing into their life. Therapeutic Essentials of Yoga will enhance your well-being through gentle stretching, pranayama (breathing techniques), and supported postures to calm the mind while enabling the body to relax. Yoga Nidra and Energy Medicine techniques will also be part of this all-levels class.

Relaxation and Meditation    
This class will be an hour long guided relaxation and meditation class. We will focus on a variety of breathing techniques followed by a variety of guided meditation journeys and/or Yoga Nidra. The meditations & Yoga Nidra journeys will offer a healing and relaxation practice that aids in ones ability move from the sympathetic nervous system into the parasympathetic nervous system where deep healing and relaxation envelop the body, mind and spirit.